Accident/Incident Reporting

This section describes reporting of accidents or incidents where a non-employee was seriously injured or personal property was damaged. This does not include an accident involving damage to a University automobile or rental, University-owned property damage, or an employee sustaining a work-related injury.  These are addressed under separate reporting sections.

Incident Reporting

For serious bodily injury or property damage incidents involving any non-employee of the University that occurs on University property:

  • Report immediately to the Campus Police at 412-624-2121 and insure appropriate medical care.
  • Advise Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety immediately of any unsafe conditions or damaged/broken equipment.
  • Complete the EH&S Accident/Incident Report Form and email to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety through their web site and the Office of Risk Management with photos to
  • Preserve any physical evidence.
  • Take photos, whenever possible, to preserve information.
  • If applicable, follow EH&S Student Injury Response Guidelines.

Do not offer to pay individual(s) for any reason, including medical co-pays. This decision must be made through Risk Management and/or claim adjusting personnel.  The Department contact will be included in the investigation and subsequent status updates as appropriate.