Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation is a legal remedy that covers medical expenses and wage loss for employees who have been injured in the course and scope of their employment.

If you are a University of Pittsburgh employee that lives and works in Pennsylvania, and believe you were injured while performing your work duties, you must:

Immediately report a work-related injury or illness:

  • Notify your supervisor AND
  • Call WorkPartners at 1-800-633-1197 (24 hours/day, 7days/week)

Medical care must be provided by one of the designated providers for 90 days.

In case of an emergency you may seek treatment at the closest Emergency Department for your initial care, but additional medical treatment must be obtained by one of the designated providers.

  • Advise and provide a copy of release/restrictions to your supervisor if you are released by the physician to return to work with or without restrictions
  • Communicate with your supervisor about any changes in medical and work capability status following each medical appointment related to your work injury
  • Adhere to restrictions set forth by the panel provider

Note to Supervisors: If the employee is incapacitated, you must make sure a claim is called in to WorkPartners

Please see the University's ER 19 Workers' Compensation (formerly 07-06-02) for the full text of the policy.


Reporting Work-Related Injuries

Timely reporting is essential! If you are a University of Pittsburgh employee and believe you were injured as a result of performing your work duties, Immediately report a work-related injury or illness.

Healthcare Provider Panels and Workplace Postings

Please post provider panels and always replace the current posting of panels in your common areas with the most recent version.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities for supervisors of employees living/working in PA.