Professional Liability & Claims History

Medical Malpractice


Pennsylvania passed Act 65 on July 3, 2012 requiring dentists to carry individual medical malpractice insurance. The University provides individual coverage for dentists for their work under the University. If evidence of your individual coverage is needed, check with the appropriate administrators in the School of Dental Medicine. Current Certificates of Insurance have been provided to them.

For all other requests, such as for entity (University Dental Health Services) evidence of coverage, please use the Certificate Request Form.

NOTE: Volunteers are not covered under the Medical Professional Liability Policy and would need to provide evidence of their own individual coverage. Volunteers are covered under the University's General Liability Policies. Defense and Indemnification of Volunteers Policy 07-06-07

Requests for Policy & Claims History (Credentialing)

Credentialing describes the process when employers seek to establish the qualifications of licensed professionals and their claims history for purposes of establishing legitimacy. The University of Pittsburgh Office of Risk Management does not handle credentialing requests.

Direct requests for evidence of malpractice coverage and claims history to Tri-Century Insurance Company, attention Tisha Parise.
Basic medical malpractice insurance policy information can be accessed at the Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Information.

New MD Hires

When hiring a new physician:

  • Obtain a malpractice application by contacting Margaret A. Proctor, Senior Insurance Analyst, UPMC Corporate & Captive Insurance,  412-432-7695
  • Return completed application to Jean Vorchak at Marsh, 412-552-5176. You will receive an invoice from Marsh/Jean.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Insurance – COI (aka ‘face sheet’) from UPMC/Margaret confirming individual coverage for the physicians.

Renewing certificates will be automatically issued by for physicians by UPMC/Margaret upon the policy renewal 8/1/XXXX.

For deletion’of a departing physician, contact Margaret A. Proctor, Senior Insurance Analyst, UPMC Corporate & Captive Insurance, 412-432-7695.