Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities (Supervisors of employees living/working in PA)

Reporting a Work-Related Injury, Illness, or Disease

  • Confirm with the injured worker that they have taken the proper steps to report their injury. If he/she is unable to make this call to the University's third-party claims administrator (TPA) WorkPartners at 1-800-633-1197, you should do so on their behalf.
  • Immediately investigate injury site and correct any potentially unsafe situations.
  • Report any investigative findings to the University’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and to WorkPartners.
  • Review electronic injury report received from WorkPartners and maintain in the appropriate departmental file for the injured worker/employee.

Return to Work Releases/Restrictions

  • Make every reasonable effort to accommodate the restrictions if the employee is released to return to work with restrictions based on his or her work injury or illness.
  • Ensure that the employee adheres to restrictions as outlined by the Panel provider.
  • Instruct employee to communicate with you about any change in medical status following each medical appointment related to his/her work injury or illness.
  • Consult with the Office of Human Resources (HR) for guidance on use of benefit days if the employee is released to return to work within the seven (7) day waiting period.
  • Follow appropriate HR guidelines, policies, procedures and Employee Record/Time Card completion if the employee misses time from work and/or returns to work after being off duty.
  • Immediately notify WorkPartners when the employee:
    • Misses at least one day of work because of the work injury/illness, and provide:
      • Date of the last shift worked and paid
      • Copy of medical restrictions/excuse
    • Returns to work and provide:
      •  Return to work date
      •  Copy of the medical provider's release


  • Cooperate fully with the claim investigation process.
  • Notify WorkPartners of any issues or problems with the employee’s claim and/or return to work efforts.